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Russell Brand

Review by Hooked UK Founder, Clair Challenor-Chadwick

I have followed Russell Brand for years, he has lived many lives from controversial MTV presenter, stand-up comedian and Hollywood actor to activist and campaigner.   He is currently on an exhausting stand-up two year 'Rebirth tour' around the UK. Last November, he celebrated 15 years in Recovery from drugs and alcohol.  Now married, and a father, his new book Recovery will be launched as a soft back edition in Spring 2018.

Recovery is accessible and funny, full of practical advice on the 12-step Recovery programme.  Useful for people who don't believe in God or a higher power.  I read the book in one sitting and it was great to laugh at a subject, where the common default is misery and despair.  His humanity shines through and he deals with topics such as shame and forgiveness with tenderness and compassion.

Brand has helped to create a national conversation about addiction, extolling that we are all addicted to something; mobile phones,  food, gambling, drugs and alcohol, This book gives readers the tools to break the cycle of addiction and misery.  It is much needed and I highly recommend it.